World Mental Health Day

Mental health in the entertainment industry is more prevalent than you think, you know?


Lately, our musicians have been coming forward as being depressed. Unfortunately, some entertainers have been using this as a marketing tactic and shame on them!

For the ones who actually experience depression, anxiety, manic-depression and the list goes on, they are suffering. We have always heard about sex, drugs and music as if it is a lifestyle when it's actually a coping mechanism. Entertainers have OD'd, committed suicide, been reckless all for the sake of "that's just what people do".

Without getting too deep (because we all have ADD), I just want to say that it is okay to come to terms with a mental issue you may have. The smart way to go about it is to seek professional help. Now don't get me wrong, a nice turn up after a rough day is cool, but just be careful. I condone people who take the necessary steps to wanting to be mentally and emotionally healthy. You do not have to live in the dark.

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