What The Music Modernization Act Means To You

Almost a week into the new passing of The Music Modernization Act and here's what you will see...


Let's start with the fans. Without them, who are you?

Sharing will become more easy across all streaming platforms.

If you're a producer and or engineer, this means you will get copyright protection for the first time EVER! I wonder if this will be the first step toward the producer union some people were talking about last year. I know sometimes producers get got way more than musicians do.

If you're a musician who has been in the game since February 15, 1972, you will finally get what you deserve. As of 2015, there has been at least $70M of lost royalties since 1972. Got damn! Again, I am waiting to see how this will look for more recent musicians from the past decade.

Songwriters, you will ALWAYS get your mechanical royalties when companies use your digital services. That means Starbucks, elevators, hotels, wherever. ASCAP and BMI will make sure you get your fair rates and compensation.

More updates as they roll out!

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