The DJ is Pregnant!

Always play for the crowd,

no matter what.

DJ Stacye J had quite an exciting year this year. The Highland Park Native had a very successful year of being a booked and busy DJ... who Just so happened to be pregnant. Now before we get into this, let's set the tone. The DJ is one of the most important people to know in the music industry. Who else going to play or break your music? Take time to get to know your DJs and treat them well.

DJ Stacye J is a self taught, self made DJ who started scratching at 17. Using what I call a "Starter Kit" which is just a controller, a laptop and of course music, she began to really hone in on her craft and what is now her brand. As she got more into her love for the turntables, she sought out Detroit's own DJ, DJ Trixter for mentorship on how to feel the crowd in a party or club. Once she started to really get a feel for that, she also had mentorship from Detroit DJs, DJ Los and DJ Sicari.

Using her skills and philanthropy, she has done a lot for the Detroit Hip-Hop and R&B community. Some of her first residencies were at the 5E Gallery booked by Piper Carter and The Cigar Bar in Downtown Detroit. Her brand, Liquid Flow, also brought us T.A.S.T.E which showcased a lot of great talent such as