There's a lot of pressure to succeed at accelerated speeds.

Pressure can be involved in every aspect of your life. You're pressured to pay your expensive LA parking ticket, you're pressured to meet deadlines at work, you're pressured to impress. So many things.


One of the reasons why I stopped pursuing being an entertainer is because of the pressure. The pressure to be "perfect" with delivery, to be "fuckable", to be sleep deprived aka "team no sleep" as if that shit is healthy at all and so on and so forth. Being a musician is not all the victories people share when they're touring or in the studio or interviewing. There is A LOT of literal blood sweat and tears (and money) that happens behind the scenes.

I will say this, there a few different ways to be successful. I will give it to you raw honey. Two of the most common ways are 1, to sleep your way to the top. This is not a right or wrong way because if you view your body as a physical business or are a sex worker, this is ideal. I'm not saying do this, but this is an avenue that a lot people take. Even though this may speed up the process, this does not guarantee success. It's 50/50 being considered a hoe and being disrespected or it could work sleeping around strategically. A lot of people frown upon this or even pretend they didn't do this. Own your shit and do you boo! I don't judge it.

Another way is what I call "take the stairs". This way is by rolling up your sleeves and working on your craft. This means studying, researching, being in the field in a sense of showing face where need-be, having a diverse catalog, sending emails, knowing when and how to follow up. This will take longer and again, there is no guaranteed success at the end of the day either. It's frustrating to me and probably others when people seem as an overnight success because they don't share what they've been through. It really gives an unrealistic expectation. Even if they are an overnight IG success or whatever the case may be, that does not necessary spell longevity.

With all that being said, it's all about timing and being prepared when opportunity presents itself to you. Don't let pressure cloud your creativity to put out a quantity of half-assness. Take your time to learn and do and build relationships. Yes, this shit gets hard, but it will be worth it.

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