Pay 2 Play

An infamous debate between the Promoter and the Artist.

*Cracks Knuckles*

Let's bring up both points. The artist's perspective "I shouldn't have to pay to perform in front of a large audience." The other point of the promoter's perspective being "how am I going to make my money back if you have no paying audience?" Some artists have no problem with it in the perspective as an investment to gain a bigger fan base, some artists think pay to play is sheer robbery.


Let's start with the Artist.

You are someone who has worked your ass off to pay to get the perfect production, the best content. Let's not forget your followers are going up every day on IG. The visibility is real (I don't use the word "clout") ! You perform a few local shows in the town you were born and raised in and grind to promote your up-coming show. Come the day of the show, about 5 people show up... At least someone came out right?? Am I right?? By the way, this was not a paid show and all of your 5 people had to pay $10. You hear about another artist in your genre coming to town to perform at a 200+ capacity venue and guess what? They have opener slots! You hit the promoter who may or may not have heard of you and they hit you with the "pay to play" option(s) with the POSSIBILITY of pay (results may vary).

WTF right?!