Noa James - Super ft. Aye Brook

I'm going SUPER!

Let's be honest here. 2018 has been one of the most challenging years for a lot of people in some good ways and some bad. I felt it was only right to give you a confidence booster to help you step into the new year on a positive note. Noa James' "SUPER" ft Aye Brook will help get you out of whatever funk you're in.

The message behind SUPER is to just be great. Be SUPER! It talks about going about life in a positive light and not being afraid of living your best life as your true self. It's good to hear some positive music instead of the normal "kill, cheat and repeat" stuff we hear everyday. Not only did he create a moving song, but he also lived it. This year, San Bernardino native, Noa James lost 100+ lbs while performing on multiple tours. I can't even lose 10 lbs. :( Guess I need to take notes huh?