Let's Work...But Not For Real

Are people in the entertainment industry as eager to work with you as they say they are?

I've been in the music industry for a while and I have been curved, swerved, turned around and upside down by the same people who have shook their head in agreement and said, "Yeah! Let's Work!"

When I took artist development, there were a few things I learned of course, and one of them was likability. A person's biased or unbiased perception of you will determine a lot within the entertainment industry. I'm not here to tell you how to make everyone like you because not everyone genuinely will (notice genuinely), but I wanted to speak on it.

The purpose of this is to bring awareness that FAKE SHIT HAPPENS and that's okay. No more, no less.

Walking into something new can be extremely exciting and stressful at interchangeable times. We talked about handling stress in a previous post. You will run into people you've always wanted to work with and always looked up to. Now finally, you've met so and so and make great conversation. Finally, you're comfortable enough to tell them what you do and how you should work together and they say, "Oh yeah for sure, let's work!" A Bish is excited now! You follow up with their preferred method of contact and wait... and wait... an