Keep That Same Energy!

Are you motivated by Stress or Eustress?

Happy Friday!

It's been a long week and your musical stress levels are through the roof! This can be a good thing and a bad thing. There are two different kinds of stresses, one being Eustress and the other being Distress.

Eustress is described as a positive, short-term stress that motivates improved performance. Examples of Eustress are learning a new song outside of your comfort zone, learning a new routine, running last minute errands the day of a show, etc.

Distress is described as a negative short or long-term stress that can cause anxiety, concern or any other negative feelings that decreases performance. Distress can cause writer's block, paranoia, snappy attitudes, etc.

We have all experienced some kind of stress this week.

Here are a few ways to take the edge off of any entertainment related stress: