How Important is Mentorship?

If you want to make things a tad bit easier, find a mentor.

Being able to have access to someone who is experienced in your field is a huge advantage.

What makes a "good" mentor?

According to Forbes:

" less experienced employees valuable feedback, insight and support, while passing down wisdom and institutional knowledge."

Not all mentors are the same. If you're looking for someone to guide you or point you to the right direction, then that's the mentor for you. Again, everything varies based on what YOU want. A friend of yours' mentor may not be as effective for you as your friend. That doesn't mean they aren't a good mentor, that just means they are not for you.

How to find a mentor.

There's really no right or wrong way to pursuing a mentor. Just be open and understanding. Not all experienced professionals have time or want to be mentors. Keep in mind, a mentor does not have to be older than you, a mentor could be someone who has more experience than you and is willing to take you under their wing or share information with you.

You can straight up ask someone if they are open to mentoring you. You can reach out to organizations who specialize in mentoring in your field. You can even becomes a mentor yourself! Sometimes you can have a mentor without even speaking to the person.

When I got my first mentor, I met them at an event. I got all of their contact information from them and let them know I would be keeping in contact.... and did just that. It took me about 2 or 3 months of light communication and until they came back into town for us to have actual 1 on 1 dialogue. Mentors are impressed by someone who is persistent. If they are well known or really good at what they do, they have people reaching out to them from all different angles. However, let's not confuse being persistent with being a nuisance. Yes, the industry is very competitive, but just feel out the person to know how aggressively to pursue them.