Geometry by EmmoLei Sankofa

Geometry is the

Basic Behavior of Vibration.

Vibration is the

Nature of the Universe.


I've been patiently waiting on Geometry by EmmoLei Sankofa and today's the day!

Geometry is an EP that uses geometric shapes/concepts as metaphors to describe love and relationships. The story captures the complexities of queer love and unwinds the two-dimensional boy+boy, girl+boy, or girl+girl bias that is typically expressed in music and other forms of media.

"I'm just gon' have to love you from a distance"

Furthermore, Geometry briefly hints at romance between a masculine-presenting woman and a cishet man - a narrative and dynamic typically left out of mainstream media. Geometry captures gender, sexuality, and love through an unusual lens and is a vehicle for idiosyncratic storytelling.

"You know you make me feel so good, but someone else has my heart too"

Each song gives you a different feels. This 7 track EP to me, is structured like an album having an overture with a coda and three songs with two segway interludes that make a smooth transition to each song. I really enjoyed the arrangement of the songs with "Triangle" being my favorite (If I had to make a choice) because I know the feeling of being in a triangle situation. With this song though, all three of us can take a ride down the PCH and be happy about what's going on. Maybe even consider being Poly.

"Fucking you is kinda square"

The roll out for Geometry was very well thought out in just the track list itself. EmmoLei also engaged her audience by having fun mini games for the build of the release. In the booklet, there are the lyrics to each song which is definitely an underrated gesture. I won't lie, when I heard "Fucking you is kinda square..." I felt that! At the end of a relationship, sex can get boring which is usually my indicator that's it's over.

Listen to Geometry straight from the source by going to her website,

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