G Funk Supreme - UNAPOLOGETIC (Listening Party)

Slide, now slip to this,

Glide, now trip to this.

Long Beach native, G Funk Supreme released his sophomore album, UNAPOLOGETIC this week. I attended G Funk Supreme's listening party in Anaheim, CA at the Love & Laughter Music Group studio for the first listens and nods. Walking in, there were my favorites at the door, food and complimentary drinks. Win me over why don't you? There was yummy meatballs and sliders and the drink choices were something like an Old Fashion and a Gin and Tonic. Both very strong to my liking.

As the party started, G Funk Supreme opened with thanking everyone for being there and sharing a little bit about his Cambodian background. Majority of everyone there already knew his story, but for someone like me who is just starting to learn more about him, it was nice to know more about his background outside of his music. The energy elevated as we had a celebratory shot after listening to the album.