Ella Mai's Boo'd Up....With a Twist

The First Known

Evolving Music Video

It's GRAMMY week and man has it been a long one! This week we've seen so many cool and innovative things. The most innovative thing that stood out to me this week so far is first time GRAMMY Nominated artist Ella Mai's new video to Boo'd Up that evolves into another video.

In order to get the video to change, you have to watch and share. I think this is a brilliant idea because it gets people excited and eager to watch for the evolving moment and it brings in organic views/interaction. My first thoughts before I watched it was it was going to be some kind of hologram or 3D video that you have to move around to get your phone to see everything, but it actually changes.

Watch the pre-evolved version. Or maybe it has already evolved by the time you see this.