Don't Get Too Comfortable

All progression takes place outside of our comfort zone.

One of the newest challenges of 2019 is the "How did age hit you" challenge where people are posting a picture of them 10 years ago next to a recent picture. My question is, are you really the same as you were ten years ago? Of course you're probably physically different, but have you progressed over the past ten years?

Take a second to actually think about what was going on in your life ten years ago. Were you happy? Comfortable? Content? What have you done to get you to where you are today? When you're feeling stagnant or you're watching people "pass you up" in a sense of someone appearing to have what you want, think about where you come from. We also tend to forget the struggles or steps we took to get where we are today. Progression isn't always an on-going winning battle. The losses are just as progressive as the wins.

Let's not be comfortable if we're not where we want to be. I am completely guilty of being content or being comfortable in a situation. Why are we comfortable? It could be we're tired, we're nervous to move forward, we've been burned by someone or something, we feel safe, it could be anything. Identify it with yourself and work past it. This doesn't mean rush, because rushing can set you back just as much. Take the time out to plan ahead. There's been so many times I've been nervous to send an "reaching out" email and sent it and squealed like a pig like, " I can't believe I just did that!!" It feels uncomfortable, but that's where the growth is.