Why You Should Collaborate

Why be hesitant to do a collaboration project or a feature?


There are mixed perspectives about collaborating with other talents. Some people think that's riding their wave and some people (like myself) think it's a smart business move.

The reason why I feel it is a good idea is because it gives you more visibility. When there are different markets attached to different talent or even industries, being able to cross reference will build a stronger network and that's what you want.

For example, a lot of your favorite artists built their careers off of features/collabs. This isn't necessarily riding a wave or receiving a handout, it's paying dues and building a network. Some people are open to it, some people are not. I mean, it's honestly perfectly harmless at surface value. Even for the GIF above, does it not make sense for a Cardi B and Kehlani collab?? This not only applies for the artist (in the foreground), this is also beneficial for the BTS producers who on on their teams. It's a win/win situation.



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