Capitol Records Shares Your Music

Is this benefiting musicians?

Capitol Music Group is keeping up with with forever evolving streaming and technology industry by recently introducing Steereo.

Let's break it down from what we know:

For the Artist (always first)

Since this fresh out the BETA, there are still some kinks to work out. Upon applying for the approval of your membership, you will be charged $12.99 only if you get approved. The nitty gritty on how you get paid is, "For the time being, we are partnering with independent artists who can work within a royalty-free system for promotional purposes." aka, this is not an artist paid platform at the moment. Once the company grows more, hopefully, they will pay rightfully owed royalties.

For The Professionals

There is a $49.99 monthly membership after your free trial. Being a manager, it allows you to upload as many songs as you'd like. It also allows you access to analytics to gauge your artist's patterns. Managers are not paid either because the artist is not currently getting paid.