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"It's okay to do what you love and not compromise who you are..."


Dennis Belton Jr. is the multi-talented creative force behind Belton Media Group -- a Detroit-based media company responsible Creative Directing and photography branding of some of your favorite artists and brands and Non-Profit Organizations.

What do you enjoy about branding?

Turning something good into great. Watching the Brand have identity.

Who are some clients you've helped with brand development?

Harper Ray Accessories, Born Rich Apparel, StylesbyDounya, Chamber Music Society of Detroit, Designer Ana Stulic, Renee Marie Events, and many more

What do you look for when deciding to take on a client?

A client with Purpose. A client that understand it's a process, that branding is not overnight and understands value without cheating the process.

Where do you see your company next year?

Securing a major company to brand and having more BMG Events from galleries to workshops.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Drake, Zoe Kravitz, YSL & Kith

How can someone reach you if they're interested in your services?

The Belton Media Group website

Behind The Scenes:

Creative Director/Photographer | Dennis Belton Jr. - Instagram | Website | BMG Instagram

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