Bathe - Sure Shot

"...a genre-blurring Brooklyn-based outfit..."


An A&R friend of mine suggested I listen to Bathe. Now usually, I don't really get too many recommendations from her, so I knew it had to be a really good song. I know it's real punny, but this song was definitely a sure shot listen.

You can't help but to sway when the beat drops. The song literally moves your shoulders for you. It's crazy! Bathe has described "Sure Shot" as, "a meditation on black masculinity and paranoia directly inspired by the lives of their respective father figures." It's like a flirty song from the guy's perspective saying, "you're not ready for this kind of loving!" Whatever type of loving that may be. This is the type of song you put on your playlist when you're spending time with your special someone and you're getting ready to go in for the first ever kiss.

Bathe is currently working on their debut EP I'll Miss You. With this EP, their goal is to " people as many new angles on what blackness is as we can... While making people dance." I'm defintely on the look out for the new EP.

Take a listen to Sure Shot below:

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Behind The Scenes:

Written & Performed - Devin C. Hobdy

Production, Guitars & Bass - Corey Smith-West

Synths - Ben Chapoteau-Katz

Live Drums - Brandon "Buz" Donald

Recording By - Corey Smith-West, Londomn O'Connor, Vishal Nayak, & Bartess Cox

Mixing - Jon Yeston

Mastering - Nick Garcia

Tracked at IndiGold Studios, Strange Land Studios & Black Lodge Recordings

Cover By - Danielle Cano & Devin C. Hobdy

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