$249,500 To Tour Like Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle shows us what 1 (ONE) as in Uno day costs to tour...


All talent dreams of touring with bright lights and a live band and the whole works! I thought it was cool to see a ball park budget of what 1 tour day requires minus the $200K jewelry and the $5K bottle of champagne.

The prices break down as such:

Band/DJ - $4.5K

Video Wall - $15K

Wardrobe - $3.5K

Security - $1.5K

TOTAL : $24.5K

These are what I would call "front end prices" (yes I made that up). These are the things you see up front, but what you don't see is the stuff that goes on in the background that leads up to the tour. I have done tour management for smaller tours (Hire me for yours) and a lot of it costs time ( a lot) and money. It's about looking at the calendar and planning on and around things that may or may not make sense to your tour. After, if you have the budget, you have to market your tour ahead of time which means hiring PR, paying for billboards, banners or having a event to jump start the tour.

Just a little morning insight for you. If you are interested in knowing more about planning a tour, contact us.

BTS Mentions:

Director/Producer | De'Juan Galloway

Created By | Justin Dwayne Joseph

Exec. Producers | Justin Dwayne Joseph x Paul Madeira

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